2nd RESCUE 5 CUBS TO UBUNTU DEC 2019. Read their story below.

With the generous help of Mazda Foundation Southern Africa, Jacaranda FM, WAF & ATCH and many private donors, we successfully rescued and relocated the 5 lion cubs – Uma, Sandra, Carmen, Maya & Lion-EL from Ukraine to Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa.

This is their story.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               The 5 cubs, Carmen, Maya, Sandra, Uma & Lion-EL were rescued from a private zoo in a resort town on the Black Sea. All 5 had been taken from their mother at just days old to be used for interaction with visitors and when they outgrow their use they are then sold to private owners, circus and other private zoo’s. There were no takers for these 5 as traveling circuses were no longer allowed to transport wild animals around the country therefore making the client base/need for lions less. We were called by a concerned activist that they were going to sold off to hunters to be used in baiting and or shot. There was no hesitation on our part and we immediately made contact with the owner and went off to see if we could stop these lions from a dreadful future. It was no easy process negotiating with him but when we did convince him, we had to get them moved ASAP as they were now costing him money and tourists were not interested in bigger rougher cubs to play with. We immediately set about building an enclosure so we could care for them before relocating them to South Africa.                                                                                                                             It took 9 months to raise enough funds, obtain the CITES permits, complete the veterinary, transport and relocation checks to get the green light which enabled us to complete this rescue to their forever home. On Wednesday, December 11, 2019, the entire Warriors of Wildlife team, volunteers, sponsors and partners met the lions at OR Tambo airport after a 76 hour trip. The cubs were loaded onto 5 Mazda BT50’s supplied by Mazda Foundation Southern Africa and the team drove in convoy for 4 hours, finally arriving at their destination, Ubuntu Wildlife sanctuary.