Timka & Alisa - Khmelnytski City Zoo. You may remember last year  we removed 2 Brown bears from the Khmelnytski City Zoo in Ukraine.
After fighting for 2 years we eventually were able to get Alisa 27 and Timka 20, 2 Eurasian Brown bears into our care.These 2 bears had languished in a concrete and steel city zoo their whole lives. Alisa is blind and was used as a breeding station. There were 3 bears at this zoo prior to us hearing about their plight but Timka in a fit of rage killed the other male in front of a crowd zoo visitors. Many people say he is an aggressive bear and very dangerous. We work with many bears and all bears are dangerous. We think it was the boredom and frustration of them being locked up like that for years added with the screaming kids that visit these zoos that set him off. We now spend quite a bit of time with him at our holding facility where these are no visitors at all and he has a really nice nature and is calm.
In 2019 we relocated 2 bears, sisters Masha and Lora to AMP Libearty - Bear Sanctuary in Romania and they have agreed once again to take Alisa and Timka to their sanctuary. With Alisa being blind she will need a purpose built enclosure but Libearty are completely geared up and professional to give her the best life possible.
We are now prepping them both for their relocation to Romania. They have been vaccinated, ID chipped and because of EU regulations we completed their Rabies blood-work and all is good. Now we wait for CITES Permits and the travel bans to be lifted and we can be on our way as soon as we have the necessary funding to pay for the relocation. Its not very far, a 2 day drive including clearing customs at the Romanian/Ukrainian border but it is an expensive exercise. The transport costs alone are nearly €6000 Euros and this excludes the daily feeding and care for them.
WILL YOU HELP US to get them to Romania where they will be cared for by a very special group of people.