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SOUTH AFRICAN DONORS and those who do not want to use PayPal can use the PayFast payment gateway below.
  • The PayFast link below is a much cheaper option for us than PayPal, with lower commissions and no additional fees.
  • Your DONATION will be made in South African Rand's - ZAR but the currency convertor below can show the value in your currency.
  • It is also easier for those of you in South Africa to DONATE online as this is a South African payment gateway.
  • All VISA & MasterCard accepted. It is a registered and trusted South African online payment gateway. For more info
  • HOW TO DONATE: Type the value you wish to donate into the Currency Converter in the box next to your currency and it will show the value in South African Rand's (R) that you need to type into the box just above the Donate Button. Click Donate and it will take you to the next pages to complete the donation using your VISA or MasterCard.

Alternative Help

  • Food Donations
  • Veterinary & Medicines
  • Building Materials
  • Tools - Building, maintenance & repairs
  • Volunteers
  • Volunteer Virtually - Online
  • Raise Awareness on Social Media
  • Advertising
  • Press